DJ Khaled Named New Weight Watchers Ambassador

The official announcement was made on January 1, 2018, just in time for New Years Day—proving DJ Khaled definitely has his resolutions in order. In an accompanying video, fans follow the producer and recording artist during a day in the life as he tracks his meal points along the way. In the clip, Khaled describes the WW Freestyle plan as a "lifestyle." "I can do whatever I want to do, as long as I follow the points," he explains. The Weight Watchers team could not be more thrilled to have the

StayBillety Partners With Ryerson University To Provide Students With Affordable Off-Campus Housing

As the most applied-to university in Ontario, Ryerson’s vibrant and busy campus is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, next to the Eaton Centre and Yonge-Dundas Square. Ryerson’s Off-Campus Housing Office is here to provide Ryerson students with support for living off-campus, including finding safe and affordable housing, signing leases, managing tenant and roommate issues, and communicating with landlords. Visit for comprehensive resources on budgeting, searching, findi

MSNBC Hiring Announcement

NEW YORK – July 29, 2016 – NBC News and MSNBC today announced the appointment of Emily Passer to the position of Director of Digital Communications. She will be based in New York and report to Mark Kornblau, starting August 1.  NBC News and MSNBC today announced the appointment of Emily Passer to the position of Director of Digital Communications. She will be based in New York and report to Mark Kornblau, starting August 1. Passer will be responsible for managing all public relations, promotion

NBC Asian America Features Kristen Kish

Kish, who currently resides in Boston, came to America when she was four months old. Kish says, “Growing up, I never really felt that I was different. I never saw myself as being an adoptee or being a Korean adoptee.” After “Top Chef,” Kish received messages from members of the Asian community, parents who have adopted, and others who responded to her story. "The messages and support that I've gotten is something that is incredibly humbling and proud for me," she said. " It’s making an impact

Help from the Red Cross in Staten Island

Damian Stapelkamp had just gotten off the bus one December evening when he noticed smoke rising from a house in his neighborhood. As the Staten Island native edged closer to the source of the smoke, he quickly began to realize something was not right. Its origin was the house adjoining his childhood home, which was quickly becoming engulfed in flames. As a former professional wrestler and past contestant on Master Chef, Stapelkamp has learned to adapt to many challenging situations. Describe

Days Before Christmas, Volunteers Offer Comfort in Freeport

What did it mean to you to know that there were people there to help you? That was really nice. It makes you feel like there are other people who care out there, that they don’t have to be blood or anything. The Red Cross was really helpful; they help you from the heart. It’s not only at that time; maybe you need an answer, you can call them. They helped me. They help a lot of people… I just want to thank you guys for everything. It’s not like you’re by yourself in the world. There are peo

Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights | The Syracuse City School District | Syracuse, NY

Published on   Tagged under:    District News    By Amanda Rothenberg, Contributing Writer Emma Abt (Fowler), Leah Tucker (Nottingham), MeiLin Luzadis (Nottingham), Normesha Dennis (Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central), and Ny-Jalah Sabreen Rice (Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central): five girls from different walks of life. They go to high school, as tenth, eleventh, and twelth graders, like many other teenage girls. What is different about them is that they have been cho

Protecting Families One Alarm at a Time

As part of our initiative, American Red Cross volunteers went door to door throughout Jackson Heights to install free smoke alarms on Saturday December 5. #GetAlarmedNYC, in partnership with the FDNY, is meant to reduce home fire deaths and teach families about the importance of fire safety. Among those who received smoke alarms were Sangeeta Roy and Alexander Gonzales. After the installation they sat down with us to describe the significance of our visit. Q: You had some smoke alarms but they

‘Tis the Season to Get an Internship | Public Relations Student Society of America

It’s that time of year again. The time when students scramble to find the best internships for the summer. They scour the Internet for opportunities that will provide them with the best experience they could ask for. The major obstacle that these students will face in their search is the competition. Everyone wants a great internship, a good resume builder, a foot in the door of the public relations industry. So how do you make sure that you’re the one to get it? Make a spreadsheet of places yo